Q. How will I be benefiting from this Internship program?
Ans. You will get industrial experience and knowledge on respective domain along with Resume building, and LinkedIn Account building Skills.

Q. How can I register for this Internship Program?
Ans. Fill up the form and wait for your Internship Offer Letter approval.

Q. How long the internship is?
Ans. This is a One Month Virtual Internship Program opportunity.

Q: Will I receive an internship completion certificate after completing the internship?
Ans. Yes, upon successfully completing the internship, you will receive an Internship Completion Certificate. This certificate serves as a verifiable proof of your achievement and participation in the internship program.

Q: Are eligible interns able to receive a Letter of Recommendation after completing the internship?
Ans. Yes, eligible interns who have demonstrated outstanding performance and dedication during the internship may receive a valuable Letter of Recommendation. This recommendation letter can serve as a testament to your skills and accomplishments gained throughout the internship.

Q: Will this internship any charges?
Ans. Yes, there is an internship service charge of 80 INR associated with participating in the program. This service charge helps cover the costs of providing valuable resources, mentorship, and support throughout the internship.

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